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-The most value stainless steel burr manual grinder in the market


The Timemore Chestnut C2 Hand Grinder is a rare find and does well in bridging the gap between entry level hand grinders and the top of the line coffee grinder. A feature that makes the C2 stand out next to its contemporaries is its use of 38mm Stainless Steel Burrs for making quick and efficient work of grinding of it's 25g capacity.. Capable of Grinding for both Filter and Espresso options.


Exchanging unnecessary weight in the internals, the Chestnut C2 uses very strong & durable plastics in the structure, handle and grind knob. With the outer Body, hash marked for better grip, and burrs making up a majority of the C2's 465g weight. Measuring only 17cm tall, it's compact and lightweight size make it ideal even as a travel grinder.


Dual Bearings on the axle for smooth rotation, backed up by spring loaded inner burrs ensure the consistent and repeatability of grind sizes. Changing Grind sizes is done by unscrewing the Grinds Catcher and adjusting the stepped adjustment wheel underneath the body of the grinder. With Markings for Coarse and Fine clicks. Available in Black in White.


What's in the box : 

  • Timemore Chestnut C2 Hand Grinder
  • Soft Pouch Carry bag - easy to carry while travelling 
  • Cleaning Brush
  • User Manual



Timemore Chestnut C2 Hand Grinder FEATURES :

38mm Stainless Steel Burrs - CNC cut burrs for ultimate precision and consistency. The sharp blade can quickly and evenly cut coffee beans, the grinding is labor-saving and smooth, and the grinding time is short.

Espresso & Filter Grinding - Capable of grinding fine for Espresso, right up to French Press.

Lightweight & Compact - A travel Grinder that can do Espresso is rare. The C2 does it all.

25g Capacity - Plenty for a cup or two at a time, and not to worry it's less than 30 seconds to grind another dose.

Stepped Adjustments - With more than 30 stepped settings to move through, you'll find one that fits your recipe.


Grinder Adjustment Giude: 

Espresso - 6 - 12 Clicks

Pour Over - 15 - 24 Clicks

French Press - 24 Clicks +

Timemore C2 Manuel Coffee Grinder White

$120.00 Regular Price
$105.00Sale Price
Out of Stock
  • Product name: TIMEMORE CHESTNUT C2 Manual Coffee Grinder
    Size: Body 147x52mm

    Materials : Aluminium, Stainless steel

    Burrs: Burrs 38mm CNC Stainless Steel

    Capacity : 25 g

    Adjustment : Stepped Clicks. ( 14 ClicksPer Rotation )
    Color: Black

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