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Timemore Black Mirror Nano Scale 2023

----- Designed for Espresso & Pour Over Coffee


The Timemore Black Mirror Nano Scale fits perfectly in between the drip tray and the portafilter, with plenty of room to spare for a demitasse. This iteration of the wildly popular Timemore Black Mirror scale was designed specifically for espresso-making, thus the compact footprint and the dedicated flowrate button on the left.


With its .1g sensitivity, this Timemore scale works perfectly with all other brewing methods like the Aeropress, french press, and filter. On the right side of the scale, you’ll find the tare function, ON/OFF button, and charging port, while the timer and flowrate can be adjusted on the left.


Like all Timemore Black Mirror scales, the Nano features a sleek, black design and comes with a silicone heat pad.


Timemore Black Mirror Nano Scale Features:

Compact design - Small enough to sit in between the drip tray and portafilter of most espresso machines.

Flowrate button - Track your extraction’s flow rate in real-time with the dedicated flowrate button.

High accuracy - The .1 g sensitivity and fast response rate let you fine-tune your brewing technique.

Matte exterior - The smooth matte exterior is not only gorgeous but it also helps prevents fingerprints from lingering.

Hidden LED display - Part of the Timemore Nano scale’s sleek design is the hidden LED display which only lights up when in use.

Waterproof - The surface of the scale is waterproof to save it from spills. Keep in mind that the charging port is not waterproof.

Type C charging port - The scale charges through a type-C charging port.



What's in the box :

1 x Timemore Black Mirror Nano Scale

1 x Silicone heat pad

1 x USB-C Charging Cable

Timemore Black Mirror Nano Scale

$199.00 Regular Price
$164.50Sale Price
Expected to ship by March 2024
  • Materials

    Aluminium, silicone


    2 kg



    Charging port


    Tare button



    (L) 115 mm x (W) 100 mm x (H) 20 mm

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