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BC Smart Rechargeable Coffee Scale 0.1g 3kg

Great Coffee Scale suits cafe or home, waterproof and quick reaction makes it incredible useful for espresso machine. 


Key Features:

* Built-in high-precision pressure sensor, 0.1g accuracy real-time precise sensing

*Hidden LED screen design, displayed clearly during the day and night

*Three units of grams, ounces and milliliters can be switched at will to meet different needs

*USB charging, 1000mAh capacity lithium battery with strong endurance.

* Perfect scale size for making espresso or manual brewing methods.


* Smart scale with 4 mode to swith on :

1. Mode 1: Easy for making pour over coffee without consistently tare or timing the scale. Our scale will automatic tare off twice and automatic start timing when you start pouring water.

2. Mode 2: Standard manual control mode, with manually pressing "TARE" and "TIMER" button. Suitable for weighting coffee grind/beans or manual control the coffee making process. 

3. Mode 3 for espresso machine, the scale will automatic tare off once you place the coffee cup on the top of the scale. And timer will start once the first drip of the coffee from espresso machine reached the coffee cup. Weigh also will be showed on the screen.

4. Mode 4 is proportional mode with automatic tare off and timing like mode 1, but the screen will display the ratio of coffee to water.

BC Smart Coffee Brewing Scale 0.1g 3kg Black

$75.00 Regular Price
$56.90Sale Price
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    • Net weight:450g
    • Size:165*165*25mm
    • Color:black
    • Weighing range: 0.1-2000g
    • Battery capacity: 1000mAh ( rechargeable )
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