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Comes with:


1 x Glass Dripper w/ wooden holder

1 x 500ml Coffee Server


About the server:

  • The perfect companion to our coffee drippers.
  • Also compatible with most brands of coffee dripper.
  • Made of heat resistant glass and a rubber seal lid to retain and optimise brewing temperature.
  • Available in 600ml sizes, the glass is graduated with cup markers for precision brewing.
  • Heat resistant glass, safe to 120 degrees C
  • Microwave and dishwasher friendly.


About the dripper:

Heat-resistant Glass Dripper and Wooden Ring Holder, easy to making fresh coffee at home by using this pour over glass dripper. Spiral ribs allows for maximum coffee expansion, also allowing extra air flow through the thin filter papers leading to a crisper, cleaner coffee finish.

More info for the dripper


Material: high borosilicate glass
Color: transparent
Capacity: 500ML

Pour Over Coffee Set Dripper Server Kit

  • With Wooden Ring

  • With Lid

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