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MHW Wright Latte Glass 200ml - Hand Painted 


The MHW Wright Latte Galss isn't just a glass tumblers - it's a traditional caffe latte glass but with hand painted colourful lines around the glass, each line has it's unique shape and colour.


These glass tumblers are tempered, chip-resistant, and crystal clear. They display your coffee drink with hand painted colorful lines around the glass, rather than hiding it behind ceramic walls.


The glass is also dishwasher and freezer safe.




MHW Wright Latte Glass 200ml

$35.00 Regular Price
$19.90Sale Price
  • Capacity: 200ml 

    Size: 53*83*88mm

    Weight: 260g

    Buy 6 20% off each
  • Buy 6 20% off each
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