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MHW Walnut Coffee Tamp Station & Knock Box


Designed to keep your tamper, distributor and portafilter in the same space, increasing your work flow and tamp your coffee in a level position.


This coffee tamper station is made from one of the premium Walnut and is suitable for


This Walnut Tamp Station also has a stainless streel knock box, which can easily remove from the Walnut tamper station for cleaning. Rather than flushing your used coffee down the sink, or walking all the way over to your kitchen bin, why not add a knock box to your setup?


Coffee grounds are high in potassium and nitrogen, so can be recycled in the garden. The high carbon content helps feed the soil, so don't let your coffee pucks go to waste.


This is an absolute delight for any home coffee connoisseur.



Premium Walnut base - Designed with a walnut base, the MHW Tamper Station won’t move while in use and won’t leave unsightly marks on your beautiful workbench.

Stainless steel Knock Box - Made with stainless steel, it is guaranteed to last long with minimal maintenance.

Easy to clean - The Knock box can easily take out from the tamping station to clean.

No installation needed - The MHW Tamper Station provides you with a strong, even base for tamping coffee without having to alter your workbench.

Nook for portafilter - The station features a nook that helps hold your portafilter steady.

Metal Logo tag - A premium metal brand tag comes with it


What's in the box:

1 * Walnut tamping station

1 * Stainless Steel Knock Box

MHW Walnut Coffee Tamper Station & Knock Box

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$159.00Sale Price
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  • Material: Walnut /  Silicone / Stainless Steel / Zinc Alloy

    Specifications:  260 * 260 *100mm ( fits 58mm portafilter and distributior )

    Weight: 2.2kg

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