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MHW Coffee Sieves Tool Set

5 Grind Sieves Perfect for those Brew their own coffee to find a perfect even extraction. 


Fine-tune your flavour extraction! With two tiers and 5 interchangeable grind sieves. You have the ability to select the precision you need, regardless of the brew method or grinder you use.




  • Accurate coffee recipes - Replicate recipes with confidence, measuring your grind size in quantifiable micron units.  

  • Customizable - 5 Grind Sieves to choose from, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000. 

  • Precise grinder calibration - Get the most out of your grinder. Quantify arbitrary numbers on a dial or vague settings like “Fine, Medium, Coarse”.

  • Consistent grind size - Refine your grind for greater consistency and use only the size of particles that you want for a truly even extraction.

  • Versatile - Works with any brew method or grinder, optimized for 1-2 cups of coffee (10 - 30 g of grounds). 

  • Easy to clean - Simply rinse under warm water



What's in the box : 

1 * Coffee Sieve Tool

1 * 400um Sieve

1 * 500um Sieve

1 * 600um Sieve

1 * 800um Sieve

1 * 1000um Sieve

MHW Coffee Sieves Tool Set

SKU: PS5361B
$160.00 Regular Price
$115.00Sale Price
  • Sieve tool for barista.

    Brand: MHW-3BOMBER

    Material: Aluminum Alloy + Iron + Magnet

    Weight: 208g

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