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MHW Coffee Puck Screen 53/58mm

Designed to prevent water channelling, the Puck Screen creates a gentler delivery of water to the coffee bed. Just place it on top of your coffee puck before attaching the portafilter to the coffee machine.


MHW Coffee Puck Screen

Ultra Thin Puck Screen 0.8mm - Better extraction while distributing water flow evenly

Prevents water channelling - The puck delivers the water in a more controlled manner to the puck, preventing channelling.

Stainless steel - Made with high-grade stainless steel, the puck is durable and easy to clean.

180-micron holes - For optimal delivery, the puck features 180-micron filtration holes.

  • Prevents channeling and ensure a more even and balanced extraction
  • Reduces the need for cleaning
  • Minimizes the amount of coffee material that is pulled into the brew head when lifting the lever after a shot is completed
  • Prevents the need to remove the brew head
  • Traps the coffee grounds within the mesh which can be easily flushed out under the tap


  • 53mm
    • Fits most of 54mm portafilters like Sunbeam, Gaggia, Breville Coffee Machine /Sage models including the Barista Express, Pro, Touch, Impress, Bambino Plus, Infuser, and Duo-Temp Pro
  • 58.5mm
    • Fits all Standard Espresso Machines

MHW Coffee Puck Screen 53/58.5mm

$39.00 Regular Price
$19.90Sale Price
  • Materials

    Stainless steel


    58.5mm / 53mm 



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