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MHW Coffee Knock Box Drawer Walnut


A sleeker alternative to the traditional knock box, MHW Coffee Knock Drawer can fit right under your grinder, saving you precious counter space.


Made with stainless steel and solid Walnut wood, it will seamlessly integrate into any style of a small cafe or home kitchen.


Minimalist design

The drawer’s minimal footprint and matching design make it perfect for home kitchens, coffee popups, or small cafes. And it is created to be robust enough for your grinder to sit on top. After pulling your shot, open the drawer and discard the puck from your portafilter into the Knock Drawer then close it again. The drawer has nylon runners that make it slide smoothly so you never have to struggle with it. It’s neat, tidy, and simple to use.



Walnut - Solid Walnut 

Space-saving - The sleek form of this knock drawer makes it a great alternative to bulkier knock boxes.

Noise-minimizing - Designed with a triangular delta bar that absorbs noise and impact.

Sturdy - Made with stainless steel and walnut wood for superb durability.

Rubber feet - The rubber feet underneath the drawer help further absorb impact and protect your counter’s surface.

Smooth drawers - Nylon runners are fitted into the drawer so you can open and close it with ease.


Dimension : 280mm( L ) * 240mm ( W ) * 40mm( D )



MHW Coffee Knock Box Drawer Walnut

$199.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
  • Dimension : 280mm( L ) * 240mm ( W ) * 40mm( D )

    Meterial : Stainless Steel, Walnut, Rubber. 

    Weight : 2KG

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