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MHW Coffee Dosing Cup 58mm Silver Diamond


MHW Coffee Dosing Cup will allow you to maximise work flow by catching your ground coffee and be placed on top of any portafilter, in order to reduce waste and maintain consistency of the extraction.

The Aluminum Alloy Body made to be used daily, for every shot and last a lifetime..

The unique design of the cup shade makes it looks amazing in your work space. You can precisely dose without having to worry about spillage or needing a dosing funnel.

The cup’s designed to work with any grinder, but it also features a quick slip-in, slip-out design that makes it perfect for use with the EK43, which is notorious for being incompatible with many dosing cups. Made of 304 stainless steel and an anti-static finish, this cup will last you a lifetime.



Ideal Dosing Cup for Espresso – With a mouth diameter to fit onto 58mm portafilter.


Aluminum Alloy Body– Made to be used daily, for every shot and last a lifetime.

Anti-Static Finish –  Minimises coffee grind residue after transfer.

Unique Design – Add a bit fantastic fashion to your cafe or home set up. 

MHW Coffee Dosing Cup 58mm Diamond

$85.00 Regular Price
$39.50Sale Price
  • Name: Coffee Dosing Cup

    Brand: MHW-3BOMBER

    Color : Silver

    Weight : 100g

    Size: 58mm

    Material : Aluminum alloy

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