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Manual Coffee Grinder GX11 Black

Perfect and durable manual coffee grinder for different alternative brewing methods, from Espresso all the way to French Press.



The GX11 coffee grinder will take your coffee making to a whole new level. The world-class 38mm Stainless Steel burr was created for coffee enthusiasts and specialty coffee connoisseurs who demand high performance for perfect cup every time. Precision crafted from aircraft-grade aluminium to achieve a lightweight yet durable body. A dual ball bearing drive assembly provides butter smooth grinding action.


Precision Grind Adjustment with each 360 degree rotation offers finer to coarser Grind Adjustment Steps for a superior and consistent grind. 


What's in the box:

1 * GX11 Coffee Grinder 

1 * User Manual


GX11 Manual coffee grinder features ;

Click Adjustment -  Click grind size adjustment along with numbers to memerize on the dial your grind setting. 

Style & Performance - Redefined to bring superior consistency in fine to coarse ground coffee.

Lightweight Aluminium Body - Using a Drive assembly cast in one part for rigidity through the torque crank.

25 g Capacity - More than enough for 1-2 Brews.

Dual Bearing Drive Assembly - Provides ultra smooth and stable function.

Grind Settings - Easily finding the right grind size for your brewer.


BC Manual Coffee Grinder GX11 Black

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$74.50Sale Price
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    • Burr: Precision CNC 38mm Stainless Steel Burr

    • Adjustment: Clicks Precision Grind Adjustment

    • Capacity: 25 g
    • Weight: 470g
    • Size: 145*50*50mm
    • Height with Grinder Arm Attached: 150mm
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