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Handmade Ceramic Coffee Cup by HASI

Two colour style available :

Ocean ( Milky blue circle around the cup with a hue of brown glaze circle ) 

Planet ( half Blue and half Dark Brown )


The nature of handmade work can mean that there are sometimes minor variations in size, shape and finish of items. These variations are not to be considered as flaws but rather serve as reminders that these are made by hand and not machine.


This coffee mug is to enhance your daily brew. Hand-shaped with Ceramic and finished with a mixture of glazes, these cups aren’t just vessels for coffee—they’re art pieces all on their own.


What's in the box: 

1 * 200ml Hasi Coffee Mug Ocean  or  Planet

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Cup 200ml

$38.00 Regular Price
$16.50Sale Price
  • Material : Ceramic 

    Capacity : 200ml


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