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Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder - In Stock !



Meet the Opus! Discover how a great grinder can change the game for your brew. Meet Fellow’s powerful all-purpose grinder that unlocks your coffee’s full potential, for every grind from espresso to all different brewing methods.


The latest grinder from Fellow is designed for espresso. Plus comes at a more affordable price point for its quality! The Fellow Opus has equipped with 40mm six-blade conical burrs paired with a powerful motor to deliver consistent results and bring out pleasing coffee profiles. Its wider range of grind settings plus the ability to fine-tune at each point makes it a fantastic all-around grinder for the home or cafe.


Espresso grinding

Fellow specifically created the Opus as an espresso grinder. It has 41 settings plus a fine-tuning internal ring to help you grind as fine as you want. Compared with the brand’s iconic Ode grinders (which were designed for filter), the Opus has 10 more settings to cover everything from coarse grinds for cold brewing to fine grinds for espresso. They were also careful to keep the Opus at an affordable price point by using conical burrs instead of flat ones.



The Opus does take something from the Ode: the anti-static technology. Added to the Ode Gen 2 to solve its issue of messy grinding, you can expect the Fellow Opus to grind clean right from the start.


Iconic design

Keeping in line with the brand’s sleek and almost futuristic look, the Fellow Opus fits right in with its clean lines and minimalistic controls. It’s gorgeous in matte black and will steal the show in any kitchen or brew bar.


Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder Features

For espresso grinding - Although a great all-purpose grinder, the Fellow Opus was designed with espresso grinding in mind.

40mm burrs - The 6-blade burrs are dubbed the "C6-40 Burly Burrs." Paired with a powerful motor to deliver a uniform grind with consistency.

Wider grinding range - 41 grind settings to suit all kinds of coffees and brewing methods.

Fine-tuning - The grinder has an inner ring dedicated to fine-tuning the grind size at each setting.

Anti-static technology - Ensures a mess-free routine and reduces retention.



This product includes:

  • 1 x Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder
  • Portafilter Dosing Attachment
  • Magnetic Catch Cup

Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder

$369.00 Regular Price
$359.00Sale Price
Out of Stock
  • Grind capacity



    6-core 40mm Conical Burrs

    Best For Espresso Brewing
    Grind Adjustment 41 Micro Settings
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