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BC Needle Distributor WDT Tool 58mm


The BC WDT (Weiss Distribution Technique) tool is your partner to distribute espresso grinds evenly. Engineered for speed and durability, the carefully arranged needles at its core whirl into action at high speed to fluidise the coffee grounds, organising them into a fluffy and homogenous mass that is ready for precise tamping.


Gets rid of clumps in one swift motion. The BC WDT Distributor Tool features 22 needles to break up compacted coffee grounds on your basket and evenly distribute them before tamping. The detachable base is also fitted with bristles to clean the distributor tool. 


Distributing the ground coffee by spinning the WDT Tool without much efforts. 


Adjustable length of needles makes it very useful to distributing different dosing size to achieve the best result of distribution. 



22 * 0.8 mm needles - 22 * 0.8 mm needles are strategically placed in the tool to efficiently break up clumps of coffee.

Depth Adjustable – From 18-22mm depth by dialling in the middle section on the distributor to suit your basket.

Premium construction - features an anodized aluminium base and stainless steel needles.

Bristle base - The detachable base is lined up with bristles to clean the needles each time you put it back.


BC Needle Distributor WDT Tool 58mm Black

$179.00 Regular Price
$99.50Sale Price
  • Size: 58mm 

    Weight : 845g 

    Material : Aluminium base with Bristles, SUS 304 stainless steel needles, Aluminium body.

    Compatibility : All standard 58mm baskets like VST, IMS, Pullman, LM, etc.

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