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BC Golden Coffee Cup Ceramic Mug Set 300ml


Built from elegant porcelain, featuring 2 color options, and designed with a tapered lip and unique gold foil on the cup and saucer, these cups make any coffee drink a pleasant experience.

The 300ml mugs are made from durable porcelain with extra-thick walls that keep the coffee hot for longer. The tapered lip makes big and small sips feel natural and smooth.


The New BC Golden Series design makes these cups more stackable than ever, saving your baristas time and headaches while trying to store and move them.


Coffee Cappuccino Cup Set 300ml - Golden

Features :

Elegant, Durable Porcelain — Smooth to hold, classic, and built with thicker walls to prolong a steady temperature.

Unique Design - The Unique Gold Foil design makes it more appealing to your customers. 

2 Colour Options — Diverse colors sold to match the personality and style of any cafe or espresso bar, featuring a white interior for a clear view at the coffee within.

Designed for Coffee Drinks— Holds 200ml, perfect for a coffee drinks

Custom logo - Branding these beautiful mugs with your unique logo or design. 

Small, Medium, Large Size  - 80ml, 200ml, 300ml to suit your needs.


What is in the box: 

Golden Coffee Cup 300ml

Golden Ceramic Saucer 

Coffee Cup Ceramic Mug Set 300ml - Golden

Out of Stock
  • Material : Porcelain

    Cup : Length 15cm * Width 11cm * Height 6.5 cm  = Capacity 300ml

    Saucer: Diameter 16 cm * Height 2 cm

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