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BC Dual Coffee Distributor & Tamper


The distributor and tamper are height-adjustable and have a locking collar to ensure that you don’t go beyond the height that you set. 


53 mm Distributor-Tamper 

Suitable for tapered 54mm Breville Portafilters. This pro-grade distributor/tamper spreads out your coffee and packs it in nicely so you can enjoy a solid extraction each time.

For a perfect fit no matter your dose or type of coffee, the distributor and tamper has an adjustable height.


58 mm Distributor-Tamper 

This 58mm Dual distributor-tamper  does the job of two while taking up just a workspace for one. the distributor and tamper has an adjustable height. Suits for all the 58mm Coffee Portafilter, including Breville, Sage, E61, Rocket, RANCILIO etc... 



Feature : 


Compact - This 2-in-1 tool takes up little space on your workbench. Even so, it has a nice weight that makes it a pleasure to handle.

Height-adjustable - The distributors are height-adjustable to accommodate different doses and coffee types.

Locking collar - A locking collar on the distributor end keeps you from going beyond your intended height setting.

Anti - slip Body - prevent you from dropping the tamper 

BC Dual Coffee Distributor & Tamper

$65.00 Regular Price
$38.50Sale Price
  • Size: 53mm and 58mm

    Coffee Distributor & Tamper


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