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58mm Coffee Tamper Raya 


58mm Coffee Tamper Raya is a 58mm precise coffee tamper that will be your tool of choice in brewing delicious espressos. Whether brewing espresso at home or in a cafe, the 58mm Coffee Tamper Raya will be suitable to fit any standard espresso baskets and produce a flat and even tamp.

Fabricated with precise machinery you’ll have the confidence that using the 58mm Coffee Tamper Raya makes your most important and final step in brewing espresso one that you can trust does the job right.



58mm Steel Base — With a level base, you’ll have a level tamp. Making better coffee each time.

Quality Made — Constructed from materials that are built to withstand the repetitive daily use of espresso preparation.

Ergonomic Feel — Designed to fit straight into your palm., it's light to hold and easy to press.

Style Wood Handle — Choose from one of the most durable wood, unique designed. 



58mm Coffee Tamper Raya

$69.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
  • Materials Stainless Steel, RayaWood
    Base Diameter 58mm
    Base Flat
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