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EST . 2020
Brisbane, Au


Why Manually Brew Coffee?

So you love a good cup of coffee in your favorite cafe, but now you want the same quality coffee at home. I’ve got good news for you: while making specialty-grade espresso-based drinks at home is an expensive investment, manual brewing is much more affordable. Manual brewing allows you to control all aspects of brewing your coffee: grind size, water to coffee ratio, water temperature, and brew time. As you can play with and experiment with all of these elements, you can create the perfect cup for you. There’s a wide range of brewing equipment you can choose from. The two main things you should consider are the flavor profile you want and the ease of use.

Pour over stand 2.jpg

Our Brewing Gear

-Hand Grinder-

The Coffee Hand Grinder is a beautifully crafted piece designed for grinding all types of coffee from filter to espresso. Manual grinders are much smaller than automatic grinders and do not require a power source, making them ultra-portable and perfect to travel with. Our grinders compact size makes it a perfect companion for holidays and camping trips.

-Gooseneck Kettle-

The high level of control is essential to brewing rich, balanced pour over coffee. With a gooseneck kettle, you’ll easily be able to saturate all the coffee grounds evenly to produce an excellent brew.

Featuring a carefully crafted gooseneck spout,our kettle gives you incredible control over the speed and placement of your water pouring.


Our Dripper and Server

Brew the perfect pour over coffee when paired with our coffee dripper and server. The pour over kit method ensures that you can make a coffee as strong as you like without the bitterness. Its purity also meakes it perfect for iced coffee and coffee flavouring for gourmet recipes.

Our Dosing Scale

A scale can be useful for all different methods of coffee. For drip coffee makers, french press/immersion, pour overs, iced coffee, AeroPress, etc, our scale will be more accurate than using a tablespoon to measure and can greatly increase the flavor of your preferred method. Once again, it is all about finding the right ratio between coffee/water and being able to repeat that result every time. For espresso, it will allow you to take things to the next level and will eliminate a lot of frustration and wasted shots.

The Grounds Coffee Roastery.jpg

Our Branding Range

Coffee Mugs

We offer wide range of coffee mugs and Saucers for cafe uses, including branding logo to increase your brand awareness.

The Garments

The garments, branding T-shirt and Apron. 

Coffee Tools

Coffee Distribution tool range, including distributor, WDT tool, Tamper and Milk Jugs. 

Please contact us to start your branding

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