Get Started Brewing Coffee At Home

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Dosing Scale

Our scale offers you full control over the amount of ingredients you use, enabling you to make coffee that is consistently delicious and precisely brewed.

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The kettle’s thin gooseneck spout, enables you to pour your water with stellar control, allowing you to hit every coffee ground evenly to produce a balanced extraction.


Hand Grinder

Grind coffee anywhere with our Hand Grinder, a powerful grinder that’s perfect for home and travel use. Easily take freshly ground coffee with you anywhere.

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Coffee Dripper

Brew balanced and delicious coffee easily with our dripper. We offer affordable way for home coffee lovers to get started with pour over coffee brewing.

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Coffee Server

Enjoy your coffee at your own pace with our heat-retaining server. All servers are designed to work perfectly with our dripper. 


Pour Over Set

Explore the riches of pour over coffee with our basic kit. The key elements set needed to brew and enjoy this coffee style.

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