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6 Popular Methods for Brewing Coffee at Home

For coffee enthusiasts who want to brew a better cup of coffee at home, here are six popular manual coffee brewing methods to consider using, beyond the household automatic coffee maker. Your preferred method will boil down to your personal taste, time and technique!

Coffee Stand
Image by Eric BARBEAU

Moka Pot

Making coffee with espresso-like flavor at home.

Image by Najib Kalil


An iconic brand of pour-over coffee brewer.

Coffee Shop

French Press

Creating an earthy, rich taste in your daily cup of coffee.

Fresh Drip Coffee

Pour Over/Coffee Cone

A light brew with minimal acidity and full bodied coffee.

Image by William Moreland


A fast, easy and convenient way to brew excellent coffee.

Image by Lawrence Aritao

Siphon Pot

 A style of brewing that can see art and science in action.

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